Membership commitment is for a minimum of 3 months and will AUTO RENEW each month indefinitely unless we receive a notice of cancellation at least 14 days prior to the date the next payment is due. NO EXCEPTIONS.  For changes to your membership, you may notify us in person or over the phone, however, we will also ask you to confirm your request in writing via email at to ensure accuracy of records.

Your monthly auto-pay membership begins on the day of purchase, and your next payment will be debited one month from the day of purchase and on the same day each month until your membership is cancelled.  Unused sessions DO NOT rollover each month.

You cannot freeze a membership, although after the initial 3 months you may cancel the membership and renew at any time. Each renewal once cancelled will begin again with the minimum 3 month commitment. Note: We cannot guarantee the same rates as your initial membership once you decide to cancel and renew again at a later date.

Adding an extra session to your membership for you or a guest is $20 each visit or $30 each visit depending on the type of membership you have (30 or 45 minutes). Memberships themselves cannot be shared otherwise. (Remember to notify the studio or to book the two person sauna room online and include the additional guest in the Notes section of your online scheduler for this type of appointment).