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“I am someone who often feels fatigued. After using the infrared sauna for the very first time, I immediately felt refreshed and energized.”

- Michelle, Age 26



“I love the way my skin feels soft and pure. I will continue to use the infrared sauna regularly as well as recommend it to everyone I know!”  

- Erica, Licensed Esthetician, Age 27



“I frequently struggle to cope with the physical effects of stress. Infrared sauna therapy cultivates a natural calming of the nervous system and provides amazing heat therapy benefits to those stress-related muscles in my neck and back.” 

- Gina, Age 31



“In recent years, I have experienced significant hormonal changes with ‘the coming of age.’  I believe that these changes have impacted my struggle with hair loss. I have tried a number of remedies to stimulate hair growth but none have worked. I started using the infrared sauna and after a few weeks, not only did I lose a few pounds, I noticed that my hair felt fuller and healthier than it had in a long time!"

- Rose, Age 54



"I have lived in Florida for many years. I am able to tolerate the Florida heat for hours at a time without breaking a sweat. Before I used the infrared sauna, I thought my body had grown so accustomed to the humidity and heat that my sweat glands had become inactive.  After my first visit to Saunacuse, I was surprised that in less than half an hour I was sweatin' like a young kid who just ran a mile or two!  I felt young again!"  

- Charles, Age 85