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Saunacuse Packages

Boost your health and well-being with every session you schedule at Saunacuse. Our facility includes two saunas equipped with the latest infrared technology. Best of all, you can detoxify your body, burn calories and de-stress in less than an hour. 

We offer several options tailored to fit your schedule. Choose a single 30-minute or 45-minute session or save with packages of 30-minute or 45-minute sessions.

Also, the use of sauna rooms at Saunacuse is private. Simply book your session and, when you arrive, our friendly staff will take you to your reserved sauna room where you can relax and enjoy the space free from interruptions.


30-Minute Sessions





45-Minute Sessions


single session



single session


3 sessions



3 sessions


6 sessions



6 sessions


9 sessions



9 sessions


silver summer pass


gold summer pass


month unlimited* 

(*30-minute sessions only)




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